By FA rule, all U12 Football is 9v9.

Provisional Fixtures

Please note: Fixture venues are agreed between schools prior to the start of the season- this page does not attempt to show which school will actually be the home or away side.


Week 1

w/c 9 September 2019

Tanfield v St Bedes

St Roberts 3-4 Oxclose

Belmont 2-4 Hermitage

Consett v Framwellgate

Week 2

w/c 16 September 2019

(Y7 League Cup Night on 17th)


Tanfield 0-7 Oxclose

Park View 2-4 NDA

St Bedes v Hermitage

St Leonards 2-3 Framwellgate

St Roberts 7-2 Consett

Week 3

w/c 23 September 2019

Belmont 1-6 Tanfield

Framwellgate v St Roberts

Hermitage 7-3 St Leonards

NDA 1-4 St Bedes

Oxclose 9-0 Park View

Week 4

w/c 30 September 2019

Consett 3-2 Tanfield

Framwellgate 0-0 Belmont

NDA 1-6 St Roberts

Oxclose 9-1 St Leonards

Park View 1-7 St Bedes

Week 5

w/c 7 October 2019


NDA 0-9 Oxclose

St Bedes 1-6 Oxclose

St Leonards v NDA

St Roberts 7-2 Hermitage

Belmont v Consett

Week 6

w/c 14 October 2019


Belmont 1-6 St Roberts

Consett 3-4 St Leonards

Framwellgate v St Bedes

Hermitage 7-0 Park View

Week 7

w/c 21 October 2019


Framwellgate v Tanfield

Hermitage 0-4 Consett

NDA 1-4 Belmont

Park View 2-7 St Roberts

Week 8

w/c 24 February 2020

St Roberts v St Bedes

Consett v NDA

Framwellgate v Hermitage

Week 9

w/c 2 March 2020


Hermitage 2-3 Tanfield

NDA 1-2 Framwellgate

Oxclose 9-1 Consett

St Leonards 0(c)3 St Roberts

Week 10

w/c 9 March 2020


Tanfield v St Roberts

Belmont v St Bedes

Consett v Park View

Framwellgate v Oxclose

Hermitage v NDA

Week 11

w/c 16 March 2020


NDA v Tanfield

Oxclose v Hermitage

Park View v Framwellgate

St Bedes v Consett

St Leonards v Belmont

Week 12

w/c 23 March 2020


St Leonards v Park View

Tanfield v St Leonards

Tanfield v Park View

Week 13

w/c 30 March 2020



St Bedes v St Leonards

Belmont v Oxclose

Park View 3(c)0 Belmont